ZR-1 Windshields
Keeping the Legend Original
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Roll your cursor over the image and see how a new windshield makes your ZR-1 look factory new.
Some aftermarket replacement glass parts do not match these original performance specifications. These inferior glass products can have:
  • Reduced or no acoustic properties (think—now I hear a lot more road and wind noise)
  • Non-Solar Optimized properties (think—increased heat buildup in your car & needing to use the air conditioner a lot more)
  • Poor optics (think—distortion leading to eye strain & headaches)
  • Poor surface control (think—wind noise & wiper blade missing spots)
All glass is not created equally, demand that your glass be replaced with its original performance specifications.
Am I choosing replacement glass that meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?

One of the main reasons for these standards is to ensure that your windshield can resist breakage and penetration in a collision. Choosing a glass that meets or exceeds these standards helps reduce injuries, fatalities, and the ejection of vehicle occupants during a crash.

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What's special about my windshield?